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Thread: Possible new Disney experience website?

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    Anyone seen this?

    Looks like it might be a trial page. Its interesting to navigate round!

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    I had an email from Disney recently about this saying that a new site would be available for testing very soon.

    I think some people have been using it already, but members of the media haven't been given full access. It's all to do with MyMagic+ and being able to access your reservations, ADRs, fastpasses etc on more than one device.

    It sounds like it will be very good if it works

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    hopefully they will get it to work.. in this century!

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    I have been using the My Disney Experience site and the app for my iPhone and I have not had any trouble. It's quite nice, once your ADR are added, it puts in which park you will be at on each day and the hours of the park.

    Has anyone else tried to use it? I'm curious what sort of issues have been reported?

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