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    I subscribed to the Touring Plans website and thought it was going to be great and save me a ton of waiting in line. Instead it's driving me nuts! They keep changing their crowd calendar, not by a small amount but by major amounts that change which park you should be in on what days. There are some restaurants I must dine in so I need to decide what days in what parks soon. Do any of you actually use them with good results or should I forget about it?

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    I've used the online site for many years with great result, I think though that WDW is going through a number of changes at the moment for example the new fantasyland that is changing all the rules. Prior to the site I bought the book every year we went and I've never found the advice to be off. Why don't you email and ask them what's going on?

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    Do you know I have never used a plan. The first year we went we planned everything and now we just go with the flow.

    I can see how this can be difficult if you need to plan your restaurants though. Easy wdw is another site with crowd calendars, you could try them.

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    Crowd calendars tend to be exactly what you are experiencing; changing nearly daily! You never do know exactly what it will be. If there are large events planned, then yes you'll know that. However, there are groups that get together and just "show up" buying day tickets so they are unpredictable.

    Go with the restaurants where you want to dine. Check to see if there are any major events planned, then call it good. You'll make yourself crazy trying to get every second perfected.

    You can't predict the weather, eh? Attendance is in the same ballpark.

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    We've only ever used it once when we volunteered to be a tester for a new touring plan.

    When we went for Christmas in 2011, I knew the parks would be teeming no matter where we went. Ultimately, I made reservations based on where we wanted, rather than where I thought the crowds might be, with the thought that if it was unbearably crowded we could get a fastpass for a ride or two, have our meal and hop to another park or even back to the resort. Having something
    "reserved" was comforting during those busy days because it kept us from arriving at the parks, becoming overwhelmed by crowds, and just wandering aimlessly. It always gave our days a little focus.

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    We used them roughly on our first visit and it did help us to get round what we wanted without too much waiting around. I tend to use the crowd levels for planning which park we're going to on each day so that helps. I've subscribed again for this trip and I've also included Universal too.
    Sam x

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