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Thread: Movies at POFQ

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    Does POFQ have movies in the evening? They didn't the last time we were there but were looking for those little extras we could do with the kids after a day in the parks

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    They did in December, it was right behind building 4

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    Was it every night or on a timetable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vikki, post: 310734
    Was it every night or on a timetable?
    Every night

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    Wonderful! Is there anything else there you'd suggest?

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    Found this
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Boo you can't read it but it says for May that its every night. Caitlin and I really enjoyed hanging at the pool, sitting by the fountains. Other than that we were out at the parks really. Love POFQ

    The best movie to see there would be the princess and the frog I think!

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    How do they actually do the movies? Is it projected onto something outside?

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    They do it on one of the grass squares between the buildings, it looks like an inflatable screen and projector, quite big like a regular movie screen. There are no seats, maybe a park bench, saw a lot of kids lying on towels in their pyjamas watching the movie when we were there. I'm thinking you'd need bug spray on in August though

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    That sounds great! The movie not the bugs

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