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Thread: It's Official! The "I'm turning fourty NOT getting married, for goodness sake!" PRE trip report! PAR

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    ...and so our Fairytale continues.

    The Players:

    Myself (Becca)
    You know me! Disney fanatic, mother of two, and madly in love with my very own Prince Charming. I'm a little crazy, a LOT OCD, and love to plan holidays. I also cry at...well....everything, so be prepared for sappy, happy me. I'm turning 40 this month. This trip will not only be a belated celebration of THAT milestone but also a milestone birthday for my son, Andrew.

    Oh. Well. You know. Jon indulges me in all things. He enjoys Disney, though perhaps more on a level that *most* people (read: not us) enjoy Disney. He doesn't "buy in" to the magic, but he does love the food, the beer and the fun - and that's enough for me!

    My son. My firstborn. My canary in the mine shaft. HE will be turning, wait for it.....TWENTY ONE while on holiday. We offered him pretty much any trip he could dream of (INCLUDING Vegas) and he chose Disney. The Disney Force is strong in this one. Don't believe me? Just read his Facebook post from our visit in December 2011...


    The girl. Clowns on crackers has this girl ever come into her own in this last year! She is confident, she is intelligent, she is compassionate. She is so much of what I strive to be. She also has a sneaky, wicked sense of humour. She is and will forevermore be a princess, and I am quite ok with that

    Over the past year I have learned that our lives can change in an instant. And too often, we spend our lives waiting until ______________. Fill in the blank - until our kids are older, until we're healthy, until we have more money, until we have more vacation, until we're thinner, richer, older, have better shoes or sprout bloomin' wings. Whatever the excuse is that we tell ourselves, eventually, we wait so long that we wake up one day to find that time has passed and made fools of us all. We are left with monumental regrets instead of monumental memories. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, in addition to the austere title you see above :wink: , we are also referring to this trip as the "Bucket List Trip: Beach Club, Booze and BEYOND!"


    You know all those things that you "want" to do but think, oh, well, we're already spending so much on the trip as it is...we should probably give that a miss...well we are going to DO THEM!!

    For some, many of our "splashes" may seem commonplace, but for us they will be "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunities, so we invite you come along and enjoy our Bucket List!

    First order of business - the RESORT!

    Um. You may have already guessed this one....because well, I'm a blabber mouth but this trip, we'll be staying at


    Staying at the Beach Club is my dream. Though Jon and the kids are MORE than willing to ride my dream coat tails The Beach Club has forever been the answer I give when asked, "If you could stay at any resort...." and it has forever been just out of our "justifiable reach." Sure, we could afford it, if we stretched...but we could never justify it. Good thing "justifiable resort dwelling" is not ON the Bucket List I love the entire Boardwalk area, I love that we can WALK to TWO parks from the resort and I especially love that on Wednesday, September 25th we'll be just a hop, skip and a jump from the, oh, well, I'll tell you about THAT later... :wink:
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    I LOVE this story


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    You are truly writing a Fairy Tale here SD.

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    When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. - Jimi Hendrix

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    I remember you posting when Andrew put that on his FB, i thought how lovely it was then and i still think it now!

    Youre going to have THE BEST time!!

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    I love this story

    Just keep in mind that this is the kind of story that once you pick it up, you can't put it down!! We will knock on your door for the next chapter :wink:

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    Becca, now my daughter just turned 22, does Andrew like older women?

    They would be a perfect match! Of one thread to be sure. Now onto you young lady, what an amazing trip you have planned! I am so very happy for you and your family. It is going to be fantastic. You are a wise woman as well, not just for the selection of Beach Club, but for the justification of the trip (not like you really need one anyway). You are so right, and time will make fools of us all if we are not aware, so cheers old girl, have the trip of a lifetime.

    Your pal,

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    it sounds PERFECT

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