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Thread: DVC idiot guide!

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    I was listening to one of my beloved podcasts earlier and the subject of DVC came up. I know practically nothing whatsoever about it, so wondered if someone could give me an idiots guide.
    Please bear in mind that we are two adults and two children (currently 5 and 2), who travel approximately every 2 years to WDW and always go in August due to us being teachers.

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    Somebody else will come along to explain it better than me but basically you are the same as us. We bought 160 points (the minimum at the time) at AKV which allows us roughly 17/18 nights in a studio every other August. Different times of the year and larger accommodations use more points. August is actually one of the 'cheapest' times of the year to go point wise.
    When we bought it was around $104 a point x 160 points we bought. That was a 50 year contract because the resort was brand new.
    On top of that initial buying of points there are annual dues which are paid per point owned. Our 160 points at AKV works out roughly 500 a year payable mid January.
    Booking wise you can book your home resort at 11 months before check in and any other resort at 7 months before check in. We book our whole holiday at AKV and then at 7 months try and book the last week or so elsewhere.


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    I see. That makes it quite clear. We stayed at SSR last year and a studio was OK, but with having a boy and girl I think a 1 bed that had a sleeper sofa and a sleeper chair would be better, as they won't want to share a bed for much longer

    I just wonder if we'd find it too limiting, as essentially we'd have to stay at a DVC every time.

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    You don`t have to stay at DVC everytime Vikki.
    We have been members of DVC since it first started in 1992 and by now it has well paid for itself.
    Ok an "idiot`s guide" :~
    1. You decide how many DVC points you can afford, then purchase as many as funds will allow. [My only regret is not buying more points when we did, as at the time they were only $50 per point, and they also threw in free park adnmissions until 2000.]
    2. You can bank your points from one year to the next, so say you buy 160 points, then you can use up to 320 points the following year. [Having said that you can also borrow 50% worth of points from your next "use year" if you need more points for any particular "spend". So in that scenario, you could spend up to 400 points in that year.]
    3. Apart from the DVC resorts, because of DVC`s affiliation with RCI, you can use your points to fund many holidays Worldwide, from a Kenyan Safari, to a stay in London! [We have used our points on a few occasions to fund a DCL cruise for example.]
    4. Please remember though that apart from the actual purchase of your points, you still have to make payment of your Annual Dues every year which is something to bear in mind.
    5. I would definitely recommend that you go on one of the DVC tours when you are next in Florida. There is no hard sell, and the DVC reps will talk you through the whole process with no obligation to purchase.

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    I didn't realise you could use them elsewhere too
    I guess it'd be working out we could afford it since we tend to stay 3 weeks in August every 2-3 years. It's definitely intriguing. Sounds complicated though

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    We weighed it up for a while, I think if we'd have bought in 11/12 years ago it would have been great, Lisa and I have had this conversation many quick attempt at maths with today's exchange rate for 160 points over 50 years is equal to 700 per year including initial cash investment and annual dues. That would give you a week a year in a studio or 2 weeks every other year.

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    Which may well mean for us it really wouldn't be worth it as we usually stay for 3 weeks....

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    Unless you buy more points or go every 3 years...

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    I think for larger families that go only once a year or less it makes sense. For me and my tiny traveling family it does not. That said, the rumor is that they are building a DVC at Polynesian and I will be very tempted.

    Wilderness Lodge has bunk bed rooms that night work out for your family Vikki.

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