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    Am I right in saying the parks all have lockers? Does anyone know the rates for them? Ava is toilet training so having a spare bag of clothes kept in a locker might be useful

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    $9.00/day for large, $7.00/day for small plus a $5.00 key deposit which you get back when you turn the key back in. Keep your receipt if you are going to another park to avoid paying and additional deposit, though you will have to still pay the $5.00 you were refunded at the first park.

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    Are you going without a stroller?

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    Yes, we're taking a stroller, just trying to cut down on bulk. With those prices don't think we'll bother though. 21 days of that would be pricey

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    Lol! It is an impossible feat to cut down on bulk. I do miss having the stroller now to carry stuff like that! The first visit or so without I found myself in auto looking for stroller parks at every ride!

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    Hehe yes! It'll be strange not having one now. Last time I had timing down to a fine art, making sure I was near a baby care centre when it was time to feed Ava. Not this time though!

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    I think you may be a little more go with the flow! Can't wait to see your pics!

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    I can't wait to take them

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