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Thread: Orlando City Center?

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    Hi, we've only stayed at disney and done a bit of idrive, whats the real orlando there? is there anything worth going to see?

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    Not really. Orlando is not a city. It's a sprawling area with some huge buildings here and there, a compressed area where bankers work and the rest is catch as catch can.

    There are a couple of nice things, the Museum (Science Museum, and Folk Museum) Leu Gardens, downtown there is Lake Eola, but truly unless you have loads of time to spend, not much worth pulling you out of Disney.

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    We`ve been taken to a couple of really nice restaurants in Orlando by some local friends of ours which was great being able to see the "other side" of Orlando.
    I doubt whether I`d venture there on my own though.

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    Yes, there are some very decent places to eat. I don't mean to portray Orlando as completely useless with no redeeming value. It's just that it's truly not like a city that has areas to explore, shop, see things... hard to explain.

    One of my major complaints about Orlando is that it has no "districts" no "areas" no "littles" as in Little Italy, etc. There is a short strip of Colonial Blvd/SR50 that has a heavy population of Vietnamese, Thai and other Asian cultures. It's sometimes referred to as "Little Vietnam" but it's not all that large and you really need to know where to eat there. Some of the best Thai food can be had there, and some of the scariest food too. One place was busted for having hair and fingernails in the food.

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