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I have yes! I've done the Christmas tour and the backstage magic (several times).

Backstage magic is really great. It's like a much more in depth keys to the kingdom, goes round several parks and resorts in a coach. Concentrates on how certain rides work and the details like costuming and so on.

I REALLY REALLY like backstage magic. It's expensive but it's all day and includes a coach etc.

The Christmas tour was nearly as good and with a christmas twist, so it showed all the christmas decorations, explained the preperations and so on.

I can definitely recommend both of those
Thank you!

I have read about the Backstage Magic and we were tempted by this, and thought we would do the Key to the Kingom first to see if we liked it.

I didn't know there was a Christmas tour. This sounds interesting as we are thinking of going last week of November or first week in December so I assume the tour would be in full swing by then?

How similar are the Christmas tour and the Backstage Magic tour? Would it be too much to do it in one visit do you think?