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Thread: Questions about the Food & Wine Festival...

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    That's amazing! My husband likes a little bit of cockiness, so he never minded the attitude. I think he's pretty cool, but he's not my favorite (I'm a Robert Irvine girl ). I can't believe he's so tiny though! I never would have imagined that!

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    I think Robert Irvine was there last year.

    I'm a Cat Cora person. But, will say Bobby did impress me for all that. I really liked Rick Bayless too. So much so I bought his cookbook and don't even really know much about Mexican cooking! His book is awesome though. Mexico, One Plate at a Time. He traveled throughout Mexico and had the women of the many regions teach him to cook their cuisine. Incredible.

    I loved Martin Yan back in the day. Yan Can Cook. He was a little snooty though too! Someone thought he was an Iron Chef and he acted more than a little miffed.

    Todd English was drunk during his presentation. Needless to say, he didn't wow anyone.

    It's been fun through the years. The Disney chefs are incredible (were incredible). They'd answer any question you had! I really learned quite a bit from them.

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    As much as we love being at Disney during the Christmas season I really think F&W is my favorite. I find, for the most part, the food to be quiet delicious and filling.

    Oh, and Tink. We used to do Party for the Senses every time starting back when it was in the old buiding whose name escapes me, right there at the entrance to World Showcase, heading toward Mexico (the Odyssey??). We were known to do it more than once on a trip. However, $100 won't even get you near the place these days. Regular entry in 2012 was $145 + tax (does not guarantee a seat), reserved seating $170 + tax and Wine View Lounge $270 + tax. We haven't done it in several years now.

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    Be warned about F&WF in the evenings. It is insanely busy and popular. We do it in the early part of the day now.

    The festival offerings they did this spring for the flower and garden festival were quite nice. Portions were pretty large and pretty good. I especially liked the pancake with chicken and green apple in China. And the frushi in Japan. It was a lot less crowded and very enjoyable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faythstar, post: 312133
    Thank you all for all the information!

    It is disappointing that the food is less indicative of its actual region--I was looking forward to that. More than likely we will check it out at some point, if nothing else than to say we've done it. And my mom keeps asking if the events list has been put up yet because she heard that TV's Cake Boss was there last year and she wants to know if he'll be back (she's dying to see him, lol). You've certainly given me some things to think about. I appreciate it.
    I was hoping to see Buddy last year, but unfortunately he appeared after we had to go home. I'd have loved to see him, I love his show

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