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Thread: Saving Mr Banks & Tomorrowland

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    Two films that are to be released in the coming year or two in relation to Disney.

    "Saving Mr. Banks is an upcoming biographical drama film about the production of the popular 1964 Walt Disney Studios film Mary Poppins. The film will star Tom Hanks as filmmaker Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as author P L Travers."

    "Tomorrowland is an upcoming science fiction film directed, co-written, and produced by Brad Bird and produced and co-written by Damon Lindelof. It stars George Clooney, with Hugh Laurie as the primary villain.

    There are also plans for a Haunted Mansion dark film, a Jugle Cruise film and also a TV series based on Big Thunder Mountain.

    Are we going to be too exposed to these films or are they a good idea?

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    I'm especially excited about Saving Mr. Banks and the Haunted Mansion film (which has promised to be much more of what we expected from the Eddie Murphy travesty). I hadn't heard anything about the Jungle Cruise film or the BTMR TV show. Could be interesting. I suppose we shall just have to wait and see! I'm not 100% on board with the Tomorrowland movie, but I don't know much about the storyline yet. I've just never been a huge Clooney fan so that turns me off a little bit.
    I don't know. As long as it's well done, more Disney can only be a good thing, right?

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    I think it will be good, so long as they are done properly and don't move away from the truth.

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    Usually I'm quite against the movie industry interloping on my imagination, (i.e. books to film). I prefer to enjoy the images my mind dreams up rather than the ones Hollywood forces upon me. In this case though, I'll admit to being quite excited about Saving Mr. Banks. I'll hold my opinion on the others for now :wink:

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