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Thread: Spending three weeks in the Disney bubble

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    We have been playing around with quotes for next year to give us an idea of when the best time to book, hasn't proved sucessful.

    However regardless of when we go we got talking about doing three weeks at Disney and found that the majority of the time it's not that much extra in price for the extra week. Obviously you've got spending money etc but for the general cost of tickets and hotel it's not a lot different.

    We did it in 2001 and stayed offsite and it seemed to go alot quicker than a two week holiday! lol

    Is three weeks too much in the Disney bubble?

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    I don't think it is We usually go for 3 weeks, but we stay offsite and don't go to Disney every day, we're lucky enough to have been going for a long time now and so we like to do other things as well. I know that we have a lot of members here that go for 3 weeks. After all the most expensive part is usually the flights so why not make the most of it

    This year because it's our anniversary, we are going for 4 weeks and I'm really looking forward to it (Chris is just thinking about all the work he will have to catch up on when he goes back to work ) but it is costing a lot more this year than normal, and with the dollar at the rate it is, we will find it more expensive over there.

    I think if you can afford it then I would definitely book 3 weeks, you will love the feeling of having an extra week and if you can get free dining, you will be set, no worrying about meals just extra spending money.

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    We did three weeks on our last trip and it was great. Although we did get married while we were there so we still didn't feel like we did that much

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    We usually do three weeks and it's usually on site in our little world, it's perfection!

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    i don't think a holiday could ever be long enough but personally 10-12 days onsite is enough for me. i do love Disney but like a break after a while.

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    We always do 3 weeks (unless it's a quick updating trip) and we don't do any parks at all :-) There's so much to do in Florida.

    Lots of people do a split stay so maybe that would be the way to go.


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    How many times have you visited Disney before? Three weeks would be a great period of time, if it's not your 400th visit, you know? We like to just do what we want to do now (as we have visited literally hundreds of times). We pick and choose and if something doesn't work out we move on to the next thing without worry.

    That's the beauty of having time, eh? You get to move gently through your holiday instead of rushing madly around. Now, gentle works for me. Some others would call it a ripping bore.

    There is much more to do than theme parks in the area though, too. You may want to see if any of that sort of thing interests you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 312626
    How many times have you visited Disney before? Three weeks would be a great period of time, if it's not your 400th visit, you know?
    This year will be our 5th visit.

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