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Thread: ~~*Happy Birthday to All at Secrets*~~

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    Happy birthday secrets :0)

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    FiVE YEARS! How can that be?

    What an incredible site this truly is. Keith's leadership has created a beautiful place where we can all come and share our Disney Devotion and ourselves with one another. Have you ever seen such a caring group of members anywhere? When we lost our beloved friends, Mick and Ann and Trish, we all came together to support one another and share our forever memories. We'll always have them with us, especially when we are here together.

    Keith and our incredibly hard working Wendy have kept this site updated with excellent information and how about those menus, huh? So easy to access and review before making our Disney Dining Choices.

    Every single one of you brings your own unique and wonderful contributions to this site, and never ever forget; that is the heart and soul of this beautiful place, the members and all they do by coming and talking and sharing.

    So of course, an enormous thank you to our Keith, and as huge a thank you to each member. Without you, we truly wouldn't be.

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    Wow, five years. That doesn't even seem possible. Thanks Keith. Happy Birthday Disney Secrets.

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    Do you know I can remember *exactly* where I was the day I heard the news? Exactly.

    We are an amazing community; some of my dearest and most beloved friends "live" here. When I've good news to share, you lot are among the first I want to share it with; and when bad news comes my way, you are the family that I lean on. You have seen my children grow, my husband leave, and my soulmate find me. You are a daily stop on my life's road - and I adore you one and all.

    Keith, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Your vision and enthusiasm has truly made this "house that the mouse built" a home.

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    Happy Birthday!!! Thank you Keith for making such a great place to be together. Our dear friend Mick invited be to follow him to a new friendly place to site to share our love of Disney. I am indebted to him and to the mods who keep this place up and running, facing down the faster world of tweets and FB for a nicer way of expressing our interests, sharing our lives and being together. Cheers one and all, thank you!

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    Happy Birthday!

    And thank you so much Keith and all the Secrets Team for all your wonderful continous work!

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