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Thread: Gay Day, with a side of SWW at WDW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 312739

    Keith, we know the secret entry to Top of the World, so if you ever want to go...
    ooo thanks Tink!
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    Had a lovely meal of cheeseburgers, macaroni salad, watermelon, beets, and drinks. A pumpkin beer tasting is underway, but I'm not liking much of them.

    We are all just relaxing right now. Kind of a boring trip reporter, aren't I? That's the beauty and the drawback of being so close. You feel no pressure to do anything other than just exactly what you want to do...

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    All in all, it actually sounds quite nice - I do hope the heat eases a bit, though - it can positively wear you out, can't it?

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    Thanks for the many updates. I have enjoyed them a lot. It was no problem turning the laptop around to see the photos. Great photos BTW. I especially want one of the bags! Where did you eat this evening Tink?


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    We had an oddly timed meal in our villa. The boy and his Da are at the main pool right now. Herself took him over a bit ago but they had to come back as they closed the pool due to the weather. The predicted storm never arrived, so they opened it back up.

    I'm off to have a jacuzzi relaxation session.

    Mags, we've brought our own food this time and are eating all meals in our villa. We've had a snack or two, like a soft pretzel and a container of popcorn in the parks but that's it.

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    OK, I take it that the Top of The World Lounge is not the same as the lounge in the CG, which I don't believe has reopened yet. Is this the one in BLT? Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend.

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    Sound slike a super relaxing trip!

    Sometimes thats just what is needed

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    It was very relaxing, Mari. We did what we wanted, when we wanted for as long as we wanted and didn't stress over where to eat, what to eat or when to eat!

    John, Top of the World is Bay Lake Towers and only open to DVC members.

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