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Thread: room refridgerators

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    How big are the ones that are now free in the rooms? enough for bottles of drink and some sandwiches or are they just very small for medicines?

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    The ones I've seen in the WDW moderate & deluxe resorts are under-counter size. They certainly will hold drinks and food. Probably nothing larger than 1/2 gallon size (2 litres, give or take a bit). Same size is in the DVC studios; 1 bedroom and larger (and Fort Wilderness cabins) have full-size refrigerators.

    The ones rented at the value resorts are the smaller, counter top refrigerators. At least the ones I've seen are!

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    The in resort ones are about half the size of regular under the counter fridges.... they're not as small as the wee plug in ones for cans of pop. Failing that you can hire two but then it does cost loads to do that. If you can be bothered buy a polystyrene cool box from WalMarts for about $3 and fill it with ice each day to put your cans in... that leaves the fridge for the all important chocolate! They have ice behind the lifts at each resort that I know of so it's not too huge a nuisance to do this.

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