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Thread: ESTA's

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    I understand ESTA's last two years?

    We are planning to go back next August/sept/Oct time and our ESTA's expire in July/August of next year (probably around the time we want to go).

    Can we apply for an extention to this or do we apply for a brand new one.

    If it's a new one do we have to wait until after expiry before applying?


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    As far as I know it has to be done as a fresh one but we have never thought if it before it ran out before

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    I have always had to make a new one but you can update your details if it has not expired

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    You will have to make a fresh application and you can do it before the other one expires if you want to but I would have thought it is better to apply closer to your departure date.

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    As Wendy says you'll need a new one but I would apply a month before just in case of any problems

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