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Thread: The ever changing itinerary

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    Firstly a side note - I didnt want to post an itinerary yet because I was scared it would jinx my plans with flights etc not actually being booked yet, BUT I am driving myself crazy going round in circles with it all lol
    Wow it is soooooo much harder to plan an itinerary when you dont have millions of ADRs, I would have thought it would be easier.
    What did make me do a big is DH telling me not to worry about an itinerary we will just wake up and see what we want to do.....seriously you would think being married to me he would understand the reasons I have sat there for many many hours putting together spread sheets with park times, emh, firework times and parade times in.
    Saying that I am leaving more days open this time to just see what the kids want to do compared to last time (which is weird as we had 21 nights last time) simply because they are that bit older and if they want to do something in particular then we can do that or if they don't get done with the Wilderness explorer tasks/pirate adventure etc then it isnt too much of a headache to park hop this time.

    So far we have
    Friday - Arrival I am going to see if we can maybe do our grocery shopping today too but it all depends on the kids after the flight.
    Saturday - I really want to start with MK but with it being saturday know crowd levels tend to be higher. I know we will all be up early because of the whole jet lag nonsense so me may hop over to HS for Emh but then we may also just do rope drop at MK.
    Sunday - I am thinking Animal Kingdom
    Monday - Nothing planned. I am figuring it may be the day that it catches up with them so nothing planned and if they sleep in it is fine and we can decide what to do when we are all awake.
    Tuesday - Epcot. I have planned morning and evening with a break in the afternoon. I know they want to do passport & kidcot stations so I am thinking bit of pool time/mini golf and then we can go back do a few more and do Illuminations.
    Wednesday - Universal Studios
    Thursday - This is going to be 'Gabriella's birthday' we feel really bad that Abigail had her 2nd birthday in DLP and then her 3rd birthday in WDW and because of Ella's birthday being in July she hasn't had anything like that so this will be her birthday day. I am planing MK with BBB etc but because she is going to be 6 and will at that point have seen a snap shot of the parks I am going to leave the final decision down to her.
    Friday - I have just been told that there is going to be a villains event at HS on friday the 13th soI am thinking an easy morning and then head over mid/late afternoon and see how late the kids last.
    Saturday - Nothing planned as it is a late night on friday so again see what we fancy
    Sunday - Nothing planned yet, I have pencilled in Campfire at wilderness lodge for the evening but we will just play it by ear.
    Monday - Island of adventure
    Tuesday - Waterpark/Disney quest in the day and then MNSSHP in the evening
    Wednesday - Again a late night the evening before so nothing planned today
    Thursday - This is my birthday (I had no idea when I was looking at travel dates that my birthday fell within the trip but it does so :woohoo I haven't decided what to do yet, although I have decided I am going to get the 'kitchen sink' dessert from beaches and cream
    Friday - Fly home

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    Looks good, can't you get the free dining added to your holiday or have you booked it as a full package through work? I don't think you can change it then

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    Not in the uk:0(

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