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Thread: anyone done richard petty experience?

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    Wondering if it's worth the money, what happens and how long it goes on for?

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    I'm thinking uscwest has. He probably will be along later to answer your questions.

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    There are several tiers. You can ride with someone, or actually drive yourself. I had a coworker who did the ride along. He loved it.

    I have a relative who wants to do the drive yourself one. Juuuuuuuusst a bit pricey!

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    Nope, I have not done it. Wouldn't mind doing it IF I could crawl through the window of a race car and had the big bucks to afford it.

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    I do know that they have instruction for any of the events that you choose to do.

    You have to wear a Nomax suit (fire retardant) and helmet.

    Going through the window isn't so bad.

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    DH did this a few years back and then again at the beginning of this year. He did the Rookie Experience where you drive the car alone for 8 laps (other cars on the track)

    You are there for about 4 hours in total for the Rookie Experience. When you first arrive, you watch a short movie and listen to all of the safety regulations and do's and don'ts.
    You then get kitted out and go out to the track. Everyone takes it in turn to have their photo taken with a car (other photos are taken of you throughout the day too) Another talk while you see how to get in and out of the car and shown how the controls work.You have to take your turn to actually drive a car but while you wait, you can watch the others driving. When it is nearly your turn, you get the dafety harness put on you and a helmet. You go and sit in your car and wait for the flag.
    Once you are done, you can either watch the others finish or go and get out of the suit and check out the small shop.
    You then all go back into a room where you are presented with a document that says what your fastest lap was etc. You have options to buy a disc with your drive on to which is taken inside the car and, there are photo options.
    Your partner/family can stay with you the whole time apart from the actual driving time when they can watch you from the side of the track.

    There is a small section on this video from DH's Rookie Experience....


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    I thought I remembered something about Dave doing this! Couldn't be certan though.

    Thanks, Isafari!

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