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Thread: Disney's All Star Movies Resort - The Complete Guide

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    Disney's All-Star Movies Resort is a Disney Value Resort hotel featuring giant icons that salute classic Disney films.

    Address and telephone number:

    1901 West Buena Vista Drive
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

    Phone: (407) 939-7000

    The All Star Movies resort is a Value Resort and has 1,920 rooms, with 384 rooms in each section. Each of the guest rooms has either 2 double beds or one king sized bed:

    • Standard Rooms accommodate four adults, one child under age 3 in a crib.
    • King Bed Rooms accommodate two adults, one child under age 3 in a crib.
    • Preferred Location - Take advantage of the close proximity to the pool and Guest facilities.
    • Standard Location - Enjoy rooms in other locations throughout this magically themed resort.


    The buildings have exterior and interior theming to match their names:
    • Toy Story fans will be enchanted by the 35 foot tall Buzz Lightyear and 25 foot Woody, with Green Army Men on the roof.
    • 101 Dalmatians has a 40 foot tall Pongo and 35 foot tall Perdita waiting to greet you.
    • Fantasia – there is a giant Sorcerer’s hat, brooms, buckets, ballerinas and nutcracker soldiers that make this section a standout.
    • The Love Bug - Herbie, the famous VW Beetle, is approximately five times his normal size
    • The Mighty Ducks – you will find giant hockey sticks, pucks nets and unique duck-billed masks that are featured at the Mighty Ducks section.


    There are 2 pools, Fantasia, which is the main pool and can be found between the Fantasia buildings and Cinema Hall and the Duck Pond Pool which is in the Mighty Ducks area. There is also a Kid’s pool.

    Complimentary bus service transports guests throughout the Walt Disney World Resort area:

    • Magic Kingdom Park: Take the Magic Kingdom Park bus
    • Epcot: Take the Epcot bus
    • Disney's Hollywood Studios: Take the Disney's Hollywood Studios bus
    • Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park: Take the Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park bus
    • Downtown Disney Marketplace, Downtown Disney West Side, Downtown Disney: Take the Downtown Disney bus
    • Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park: Take Downtown Disney bus
    • Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park: Take the Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park bus

    Disney's All Star Movies Resort is located adjacent to Disney's All Star Music and All Star Sports Resorts in the Animal Kingdom Resort Area. Blizzard Beach is nearby.

    Help others by sharing your experiences at All Star Movies Resort, have you stayed there, what do you like or dislike, would you stay there again. Anything at all you would like to share and please feel free to add photos.
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    All Star Movies is one of our "go-to" resorts. We have stayed here times too numerous to count! Clearly, the biggest "pro" to this, and any of the All Star Resorts, is price. In fact, when price is a consideration, we have often found that we can stay on property at one of the AS Resorts comparably to what it would cost to stay off-site. We have always found the food court tasty and adequate for our needs, and our only complaint is that it closes promptly at midnight (not usually a big deal, except during those EMH when you come through the food court and would gladly give your first born for something to drink!).

    The bar is outside by the main pool, which is typically quite pleasant - unless it rains. There is a small awning over the bar itself, but it doesn't offer much in the way of protection from the elements - especially if you get a strong Florida storm. Of course, that being said, I have an absolute PERFECT memory of a very rainy evening spent at the AS bar while waiting for Johnie to arrive - sipping margaritas and chatting up the bartender who made me a rain poncho (and later a matching boa) out of one of his garbage bags. Ah well, life is sometimes all about perspective, eh?

    The pool is quite fun, though there are no water slides at this, or any of, the All Star Resorts. There is a "kiddie area" just off the main pool stage that has seen hours of fun from my daughter. It's simple, but then at that age, that's all they need In the last few years, they have really stepped up their game poolside. During the day, you'll find games (Bingo, Trivia, etc) and other contests being held with small prizes for the winners. During the evening, they erect a large inflatable screen (weather permitting) and show a Disney movie. This is a great chance to grab a cold beverage from the bar, a lounge chair and snuggle up with someone you love (or like enough to snuggle with).

    The icons are, in a word, amazing. The Toy Story buildings are far and away our favorite. The theming just makes us smile - it's like being ant-sized in Andy's room...

    I'll leave it there for now and pick it up after I've given some other folks the chance to chime in!

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    We've not stayed here in some time, but truly do enjoy this resort. We stayed at Music, the last time we were here. Love the food court and the over the top themes.

    The room was very nice and comfortable. We didn't use the pool, but the pool bar makes the BEST margarita on the rocks!

    We've heard that during certain times of the year it can be overly noisy due to large groups of cheerleaders, pop warners, etc. but have not had that experience.

    A great value place to stay.

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    This was our very first on site stay so will always have a special place in my heart

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    I am desperately trying to remember when we stayed here but it was quite a few years ago. We were in the Dalmatians building which was just a short walk to the food hall and bus stop. The theming here was excellent and the resort a lot busier than Music when we went. I did enjoy our stay but our neighbours were extremely noisy so that put a dampener on things. It is my second favourite of the Values, my favourite being Music.


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    I've just found a few photos of our favorite section,"Toy Story" and thought I'd share

    [ATTACH]15472.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]15473.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]15474.vB[/ATTACH]
    [ATTACH]15475.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]15476.vB[/ATTACH]
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    Cool photo's!!

    I have never been here, however I will say with me looking at prices the last few months it is often cheaper than the offsite hotels.

    For the extra perks like extra magic hours and (I assume) sending gifts back to your resort shop it makes sence to stop here over an offsite hotel imo.

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