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Thread: Disney's Old Key West Resort - The Complete Guide

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    Old Key West, (OKW) is the original Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resort. That was actually its original name! It is a huge and sprawling resort with something for everyone. Laid back in true Key West style, it features a golf course and more pools that you would imagine. The main pool at the Hospitality House area has a terrific slide, and a great play area for children as well as a hot tub and sauna. The secondary pool at Turtle Crawl has a hot tub as well. There are also quiet pools that have hot tubs too!

    You can rent water craft and bicycles here. There are movies for the DVDs you will find in the rooms. And Community Hall is a great place to get involved with activities and fun crafts. There are pool parties nearly daily, and marshmallow roasts in the evening.

    The villas range from a studio to a Grand Villa. The studios have two queen beds, small kitchenette and a single bathroom. The one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom Grand Villas feature a full size kitchen with full size appliances, and with utensils and dishes included. They also feature a full size laundry room, and that fabulous jacuzzi tub. There is ample parking directly in front of your villa, so if you have a car you won't be hiking to find it. Also, close proximity for parking makes unloading and loading the car (if you drive) much more convenient than at any other DVC. Some of the villas are two story and some are three story. Only a very few villas have elevators, which for some is a problem.

    Toward the very back of the resort there is a paved walkway to DTD. It's a lovely walk along the waterway and is shady given the natural landscaping there.

    There are bus stops throughout the resort, and if you don't like walking between resort areas, you can board any bus as they all stop at the hospitality house before leaving the property.

    There is a small restaurant, Olivia's which is one of the better kept secrets. It's a lovely place that has somehow retained the good food of the "old Disney" and the true Disney service. There is a snack bar at the main pool too, and a small bar, Gurgling Suitcase.

    There is a ferry to DTD, and buses to all parks including DTD.

    We love OKW, as it is our home resort. It's the most spacious of the DVC resorts, and the one that seems to be the most authentic to its theme.

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    Re: Disney's Old Key West Resort

    We are staying here in September and to be honest Tink, we are a little worried about it. We have stayed at CSR and although we quite like it, the sheer size of the resort was put it at the bottom of our list for moderates. We don't have a car and even with the buses, Im wondering if we will really like it or not. The idea of all that space in the 1 bed villa definitely appeals but the lack of a decent QS venue and the size of OKW is what worries us most.


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    Re: Disney's Old Key West Resort

    Worries in what way, other than counter service? We love OKW in part because we bring our own food and prefer our cooking to the decline in quality from Disney.

    It will take some planning to be sure you've eaten, or a nice walk to DTD, or ferry ride for other food options. Without a car it is tricky to get some snacks and other food, that's for sure. One year when we didn't have a car we walked from DTD to Crossroads and bought some food items at Goodings. I honestly can't recommend that any more. You'll be better off buying snacks and small food items from the little resort shop at OKW (at the hospitality house).

    If you really don't like to walk, or have someone in your party who has mobility issues, I can see where having a good location at OKW would be quite important. You can ask at the check in desk for them to show you your options on a resort map. Look for distance from the bus stops. You won't want to be right on top of a bus stop, though. It's odd but sometimes the sound carries and you can hear them all through the night and that is no fun. Two buildings or so from the bus stops is nice.

    I've been to CSR, but never stayed there. It's a big place too! I think OKW is laid out quite nicely because it was the first of its kind and all factors were taken into consideration. If you like up front action, you have that option. If you like middle of the road, not too busy-not too quiet, there is that option too. If you like really quiet with no noise from main pools and the like, then ask for a villa in the back of the resort. The villas at the back are our favorites. We love the quiet pool there, the proximity to the trail to DTD, and the location of the bus stop. But OKW is like Disney, if you don't like the sounds of that, there is something else you will like!

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    Re: Disney's Old Key West Resort

    Our biggest worry is the size. I get tired very quickly after last year's illness, so I do indeed have mobility problems. As well as that I have had a recent bad injury to my leg which is taking a long time to heal. I know Im going to have to sit a lot as it is so lots of additional walking at the resort is just one more little niggle.
    We have never had a car in all our visits but have carefully planned in the past as we stay 4 nights on I Drive and 2 at RPR. We use the buses so it is no problem going to Publix before we arrive on site. We will stock up with bread and fruit and make breakfast at the resort in the morning. All our meals are planned onsite so that is fine.
    I am a born worrier. That much is true. With only 3 months to go, I will definitely be sticking to my plans and go with OKW. My favourite mod to date has been POFQ and I know that was because of the theming and size. We shall see how it goes and at the end of Sept I will let you know what I think.


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    Re: Disney's Old Key West Resort

    Be sure to tell them that for health reasons you need to be near the hospitality house. Millers Rd (about halfway down, 1 or 2 bldgs) would be ok, or any right near the HH. Peninsula Rd will start getting you a bit far out, but the first bldg would be ok (but then you'll be quite near the bus stop).

    It is a large resort, no doubt about that! Have you considered renting a scooter?

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    Re: Disney's Old Key West Resort

    Thanks Tink. I will rent a scooter if it all gets too much. There is no point in exhausting myself or causing more damage to my leg. Some of my Disney/FB friends have suggested asking for accommodation close to HH so I will do that. It isn't the end of the world if it doesn't happen I'm sure. All I can think of now is hopping on that plane, getting to Orlando and enjoying myself. Three years away is way too long.


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    Thought you might like a few photos of the Resort:


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    Looks really nice.

    We are going next Septmber and cannot wait. The last time I actually went in it was Dixie's landings!

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    I think you may be thinking of what is now Riverside, Oreo. Old Key West used to be called Disney Vacation Club, but it wasn't ever Dixie Landings.

    Thanks for the photos, Mystikpiglit. Mine are on the other computer that I can't get to start.

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    This is the resort that we dream of staying at one of these days.

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