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Thread: Cousins wedding !

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    Mega excited .. My cousin invited us to his wedding which is going to be in disney world !!! Only downside it's not until 2016 so it's seems so far away but still after our trip next year it won't seem that far of until we can go back .. I'm so excited to see what a disney wedding is like , I've seen alot of pictures and it looks beautiful the places there you can get married

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    We got married there, I would love to be a guest at one there it really is magical!

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    I can imagine . I actually can't wait ! Wish it was next may lol

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    oh wow, how exciting...what a great thing to look forward to!

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    I was shocked . Never would have thought they would want to get married there so I'm pleasantly surprised

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    Our niece got married at WDW last November. She and her fiancee flew in from Hawaii as they figured it would me much easier on their guests than having all them fly to Hawaii. They were married on a crisp, but beautiful morning at the GF Marina. The reception that evening was held in a back room at the Coral Reef and Mickey and Minnie showed up in all their finery.

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    Wow sounds perfect

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    Oh how fun!! It's really something great to look forward to, eh!? You'll have to take loads of photos to share with us!

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    Oh of course I do love my camera

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