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Thread: What do you pack in a first aid kit?

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    My bag looks like a small pharmacist this time with all of ants pain meds. He rarely takes them here but with him being on his feet a lot I am worried that he is really going to feel it. There is a reason we were leaving it until next year :0/

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    I pack some painkillers, blisters plasters as I usually get dreadful blisters when I am in Florida Would love to be able to walk around for two weeks without any blisters.

    I use P20 and hardly get burned! There nothing worse walking around looking like a lobster!

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    you can always go to WALGREENS IF YOU NEED ANYTHING

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    I always have a car so I can go out and get anything we might need. That being said, I do carry a small bag that has ibuprofen, Tylenol, Benadryl, a nail file, gas pills and Pepto Bismol pills

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    For me Priolsec (acid reducer) is a must. Can't live without it. Also Advil comes in handy for any aches or pains if you need it. That about does it. There is the occasional need for a bandaid or two.

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    Oooh i love my little first aid kit!! I take plasters, antiseptic wipes, bite cream, savlon, paracetamol, a sheet of tablets incase you cant poo and a sheet incase you cant stop, a few safety pins and some tweezers! think theres a few other little bits too

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