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Thread: Does anyone know ?

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    When and why they took the masks of the puppet guys at the beginning of spectromagic? I've never actually known what they are so I say puppets lol .. Been watching some old YouTube vids and the more recent ones they don't have the masks and hair, when I saw it they had them so I don't know when of why that changed ?

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    Good question.

    I would guess (and only guess) maybe it come down to cost of repairing and maintaining them?

    Not sure in honesty.

    Good question mind!

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    I really want to know .. Making it my mission

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    After hunting through YouTube vids I've discovered that the masks came of in 2008 .. I need to know why lol

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    always loved the masks! I thought they were cute, the way the cheeks lit up, lol.

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    Me too .. I've read that maybe it was because children where scared of them but that was a rumor

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