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    I have seen that different hotels have several free activities going on throughout the day (such as animal kingdom) I was wondering are these only for guests staying in that hotel or us anybody able to go to them?

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    I would think that they are open to all in the lobby. We popped over to AK quite a few years ago to hit BOMA and there was a story teller there and you could also go out to see the animals through the lobby. So I would guess that you could just go. Also a few years ago we were staying at PORFQ over Easter and there was an Easter egg hunt and roll in the courtyard. They never asked for our room key or anything.

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    Cool, I was just thinking it might be something fun to do on a stormy afternoon

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    i would think the official line is that they are for resort guests but i'm not certain on that.

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    It will depend. Something like the story teller at AKL, is open to anyone who cares to listen. Pool activities (and there are many) are only for the guests of the resort, even if you don't go into the pool. At DVC resorts there are some activities that have a small charge for supplies. I don't know if they'd ask for room key or not. Movies at night (on the beach at BC for instance) are free to anyone who cares to watch them. There are camp fires at some of the DVCs with "smores" makings. Those are free for members, but we've never shown any ID, so I don't know how closely controlled it is.

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