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Thread: Maelstrom Celebrates 25 Years at Epcot

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    The Epcot attraction: Maelstrom in the Norway Pavilion has been entertaining Guest for 25 years.

    The attraction is a journey into Norwegian culture, history and legend that whisks guests through enchanted swamps, eerie fjords and swirling seas. When it first opened in 1988, the attraction became the first (and still is the only) attraction at Epcot to feature a flume drop – of 28 feet, to be precise.


    In honor of the attraction's milestone, here are five fun facts about the attraction.

    • The ride vehicle is a 10th-century warrior’s longship with a dragon head bow.
    • During the journey, guests pass through a scene that features ancient wall carvings called “petroglyphs.”
    • One scene features a yellow-eyed “Nokken” or river troll. (He’s the figure in the bottom left in the photo above.)
    • The attraction’s polar bear rears up to measure more than 10 feet tall.
    • The attraction’s film, “Norway – The Film,” was shot with the same camera that filmed “Lawrence of Arabia.”
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    FINALLY saw the hidden Mickey in the mural (the last time we were on this).

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    Tis just reminds me of a young Daniel, we'd very often go back to Epcot just for dinner and illuminations in the evening and all you could hear from him was can we go to Norway, can we go to test track, can we go to get the picture

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