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Thread: Dream come true , pre trip report 1

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    Have you ever heard about the Secret? About wanting something so much you bring it into your life? Wishing upon a star??

    Well, all of the above, happened to me in the last few weeks...

    Ever since Tatiana was born, Ive been wanting my parents to come with us on a Disney trip. My dad kept saying he had had enough of the heat and the crowds when we were kids and just didnt see why he should do it again, while my mom said she wouldnt go without my dad, or wouldnt go until she ______________ (insert any possible excuse you can come up with) , so in the end, I just stopped asking.

    When we booked this year's trip, the pin code was good for 3 rooms, so Johnie was nice enough to book us an extra room under my dad's name (which is also my brother's name, said brother, Rodolfo, lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil). I again asked my parents, telling them I had already booked a room, but they both said no thanks! Since the room was already booked, I asked my brother, whos married and has a 16 mo if they would like to go, and NEVER got a reply.

    So, I just continued planning the perfect princess trip for my little princesses. Then, about a month and a half ago, my sister in law calls me from Brazil, letting me know a paper she wrote (shes super intelligent and studying a doctorate at the moment) anyway, her paper was chosen for something for a congress which will be taking place August 9-13th...... at the Beach and Yacht Club!!!!
    Thats 2 full weeks before we will be there
    She asked if there was any possibility of moving our dates so we could be there together. I immediatly called the airline.... the cost of changing the flights was MORE than the cost of buying new tickets, it we just couldnt afford it.

    That afternoon I went to my mom's and we were just chit chatting about the bad luck of the dates not matching and how fun it would be to be there all together, and how impossible to ever organize, and she turns around and says, you know what? You should call your sister and Carlos (my other brother who lives in Chicago), ask them if they can make it, and if they can, Ill pay for everyone's trip!

    Surprised, shocked, overwhelmed, happy, super excited, doesnt ever cover how I felt.... and also, I have to admit that I didnt truly believe her, I was sure she had NO IDEA how much a trip to Disney would cost, but, she prove dme WRONG!!! ... She says she's healthy and this is a once in a lifetime oportunity to have her 5 granddaughters together at Disney, and that's where she wants to spend her money at!

    So... there you have it! DREAM COME TRUE TRIP....

    and for us, I even have trouble writing it down.. we are going to Disney, TWICE, during the same month!

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    OMG Mari that is just fantastic news

    It is certainly going to be a holiday to remember with all of you together. Your mom is wonderful for doing this for everyone.

    So how many days will you have at home before you fly back again

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    I'm well and truly speechless.

    Wow. Just

    That is stupendous news, Mari...I can't wait to hear more!!!

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    Wow that is AMAZING!!!

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    Ah! That clears up my confusion! I read your other thread before this one and was seriously confused about the dates! I "would have sworn" you were going to WDW later in August!

    What an amazing thing to have happen for your family! I'm glad your Mom has decided to join in and make this a lovely possibility for all. You will have to be sure to take loads of photos! (And share them here with us, of course).

    How wicked cool is it to be going twice in one month!

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    That's wonderful news Mari!! You will all have a wonderful time!!

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    Wow!! That's all I can say, just Wow!!

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    I still have a pretty hard time believing its real, even though Im taking care of all the organizing hahahahaha

    And with less than a month to go, its been crazy!!!!

    We will be back in Mexico 12 days before we fly back.... unheard of!!!!

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