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Thread: Florida Turnpike

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    Does anyone know roughly how many tolls are payable on the turnpike. We have friends that are driving from Miami to Orlando and I want to make sure I give them enough quarters.

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    Are they not all automated now from Miami?

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    ?Don't they have pay and get change trolls

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    I don't remember, but I know it is close to or more than $15.

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    We recently drove from Orlando to the Keys via the turnpike.
    I wouldn`t bother getting loads of quarters Wendy.
    We entered the turnpike via US 192 and it was around 5 miles or so before we hit the first toll booth where we didn`t pay anything but we took a ticket out of the machine.
    The next toll both that we came across was in the Miami area where we handed over the ticket and paid the toll.....can`t remember exactly how much but it was around $15 I think. Obviously if I had left the turnpike earlier then I would have paid a different amount using a different toll booth.
    The same applied on our return journey...collect a ticket from the Miami area and then pay the fee at the toll booth near to where we exited back in the Orlando area.

    In the Miami area there are no booths now.
    As of July 1st, you drive beneath an overhead gantry where cameras take a shot of your licence plate and you get billed my case the car rental company will get billed and will subsequently re-charge me. Obviously if you have a Sunpass, then no extra fees apply.
    You don`t have to stop, or even slow down as you pass under the gantrys which helps with the traffic flow.

    As an aside, I giggled on the drive down to the Keys when my satnav lady said "Drive for 172 miles and then turn right".

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