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Thread: DVC at the GF

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    On our recent trip we spent 5 days at the GF and we noticed how much progress had been made on the adjacent DVC building since we were there last year.
    I addition, there have also been some changes at the GF itself in preparation for when the DVC complex opens which should be on October 23rd this year.
    A new zero entry pool has been installed c/w a Mad Hatter`s Teapot water shower.
    Gasparilla`s has been totally revamped with more inside seating, with the gaming area being moved to a separate room.
    The convenience shop near to 100 Park Fayre has been remodelled and now sells convenience food alongside the usual Disney items and newspapers etc.
    The main swimming pool has been completely rebuilt and is now surrounded with a security fence. The pool now closes at 11.00pm instead of being open 24 hours as before.

    One day we also went to the DVC preview centre at Saratoga Springs for a peek at the DVC models, so here are a few photos.


    The Mad Hatter`s Water Feature


    The Front of the DVC Bldg. [Taken from the Wedding Pavillion Area]


    The Walkway from the DVC Bldg. to the GF


    Seating Area in a Studio


    Studio Bathroom [note the tv in the mirror....and my camera flash!]


    The Studio sleeps 5


    Here`s where the 5th bed is! [Ideal for kids]


    Inside a 2 Bed Apartment


    Note the bath!
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    I love it. When i have a job I may have to seriously look at this.

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    So then Terry.................are you tempted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wendy, post: 316490
    So then Terry.................are you tempted
    Not at $150 per point!
    That said, we could still use our DVC points to stay there because once it is up and running then the GF won`t be taking DVC bookings.
    I was given a points chart and it will "cost" a lot more in points per stay than the other DVC locations but hey, it meand we can still enjoy the location.

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    I stayed in a hotel in Charlotte that had a tv in the mirror. It was wild! I didn't know what it was and touched something (can't remember) and it turned on. I about came out of my skin!

    Really neat feature for the fun of it, but seriously? You need the tv while you're brushing your teeth or shaving?

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    Love that its all in one building! I have found that I dont really love resorts that have many different buildings.

    It looks very nice. Not as stuffy as I was expecting.

    Wonder how long those mirrored tvs will last for!

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