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Thread: Did I imagine this?

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    You can walk from the Poly to the Grand Floridian but not the rest of the way to the Magic Kingdom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn, post: 317354
    Can you walk all the way to MK then? I assumed the Grand Floridian was in the way.
    Nah, sadly you can`t.
    The lines for the ferry boat and MK monorails were huge when we arrived at the TTC so we opted to walk to the Poly and take the resort monorail to the MK from there.

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    Yes there is. We used it all the time last trip

    It runs right next to the parking lot along the rapa nui?? Building, it then parts in 2 where the Neverland club is, you can go left to reach the Ceremonial House or right to other buildings

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