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Thread: The 'does Ava need a wee?' Trip report!

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    Ava's face on the Barnstormer is hilarious. She did enjoy it, promise!


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    Loved that look on Barnstomer. Looks like she wasn't too certain about the water though.

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    I'd told her not to get too wet as we were leaving not too long after that and didn't want a soaked 2 year old in the car
    She did however, get drenched on more than one occasion there

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    Should be another one up later today, if anyone is interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vikki, post: 323041, member: 106
    Should be another one up later today, if anyone is interested

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    Day 27.
    It's quite long but it's got Ben in the Lion King show and a great video of him on Everest :-D


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    Day 28 - not long to go now


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    He gets picked for something else in this next one!

    This is the last day of our holiday :-(

    There's also an extra bit on the end with memories of the whole trip - it does make it quite a long video though. I will upload the best bits separately in case anyone is interested :-)


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    Best bits would be great, haven't got time to watch them all at the moment so that would be good! I can savour the long videos over the winter

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    I'm now thinking this is poinient this is the 100th post on this thread.

    Here are the best bits of the holiday :-)


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