So, we slept far too long but we were tired. Finally got up and I tinkered on the computer a bit while the girls got ready. Just an FYI, they take FOREVER. Good for mom who gets to sleep in a bit Not so good when you want to get somewhere!

Finally, we are ready and head out the door. We decided to take the car and park. My AAA DL hopper includes free parking. Ok, so I follow my directions. I get off the freeway and turn left because that is the way to DL. Hmmmm....where oh where is the parking? I drive up and down the road and can't see parking anywhere. I see all of these hotels that I looked at while planning my trip. I see the sign for Disneyland, California Adventure and Downtown Disney...but no parking.

Finally I call PsychoAlice and ask here where the parking is. She laughed at me! Apparently, back when I was getting off the freeway, I should have turned RIGHT and there was the parking......ok found it. It is ginormous and I swear we parked as far away from anything as we could. I think it would have been quicker to walk from the hotel.......we have decided in the future we are going to try the free shuttle the hotel offers So, we walk and walk to the the tram. We go down 2 escalators and walk some more. There is the tram! We get let off at Downtown Disney. Wow....everything is right there. I had no idea that everything was so close. It's a bit like Universal/Citywalk/IOA if you've been there.

Ok, we are in line at the ticket booth to get the kiddos actual tickets. We decide to go into Disneyland first. This is the first thing we saw.