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Thread: Anniversary Photo Session

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    I'm back on the photo session trail again. I wasn't sure about the Disney ones as some of their photos can be hit or miss.

    Anyway, I've done a bit of research and it seems that Randy Chapman - I know someone who has used him and I've seen his work and it is excellent - actually does family portrait sessions as well. He can go to any Disney Resort and now he can go into World Showcase in Epcot as well.

    It is an hour's session and, wait for it, the price is $210 inclusive of tax for the resorts and $348 for Epcot!

    If I decide to make a reservation, which I am leaning more towards all the time, I've been told to think of anything I would like to be in the photos, ear hats, parasols things like that. I've been told that Randy is very good when it comes to ideas, but he likes an input from the people he is photographing as well.

    What do you think, shall I go for it

    Help me decide, if it was you what location would you choose and would you have any ideas of props to take?

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    Lisa used him for her beautiful wedding and I was lucky enough to be there.

    The thread is here:-

    I can't say he spoke much to me but then I was getting in his way with my own large camera (I tried very very hard not to) and I wasn't the one having my photo taken so fair enough really ;-) so I didn't really get a fair sense of his personality.

    HOWEVER I can say that I thought he knew Disney, knew the shots to take, got the light right and seemed to interact really well with the bride and groom.

    I still rate Disney photography highly, I know others disagree but as I sit here this evening looking through Randy's portfolio, it's hard not to think he'd do an excellent job for you

    I'd really like to do the same but then I dont actually want to BE in any of the photos bit of a problem.

    In terms of where, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. If I had a choice of anywhere i'd prefer MK and then if EPCOT I'd prefer futureworld :/ I'd only choose a resort that meant a lot to me so that would have to be contemporary or wilderness lodge. Contemporary probably wouldnt make for too many nice photos so it'd be WL... but visually I have to say, polynesian or grand floridian would be best. (especially as theyre talking about redoing the polynesian and taking out that great fountain in the entrance etc :/ so now would be the time!)

    I GUESS I'd go for EPCOT world showcase in the end. A park probably says DISNEY to me more than a hotel does
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    You must be reading my mind I was just thinking of the photo sessions again as well...

    Yes, I think unless there were some emotional connection to a specific resort, I'd go with the World Showcase...think of all the amazing photos you could have there!

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    i'd go with Randy, never seen a bad photo from him

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    Didn't he take the photos for that wedding you and I went to Wendy?

    You know we'd go for EPCOT World Showcase. I think it would be too cool to have a photo in every country if that could be managed in an hour. I actually think the prices are reasonable for a professional photographer "on location."

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