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Thread: Non disney costume MNSSHP

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    With 18 days to go and only 6 days when I am not working and only 1 if those being child free (don't forget they know nothing about it) I think I need to give up and say I have simply not got the time to arrange the cool unique costumes I wanted to for the Halloween party. So I have started looking through costumes they have. Their pirates ones I am taking for our pirate day and princess ones for Gabriella's birthday so their next favourite would be Harry potter. I just feel a bit like a traitor wearing that in Disney lol what do you think? I could maybe use Abi's Victorian dress to be like Elizabeth swan hmmm don't know

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    I don't think it matters.

    Last year I saw plenty of people in non disney costumes.

    It's about having fun I guess, so if that's the costume you've picked go for it!

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