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Thread: watching fireworks from resort?

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    Does anyone know which resorts you can see the wishes fireworks from? I imagine the grand floridian but its a bit costly

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    Well, one of the best free places to see Wishes from is CR 535. It runs parallel to the MK, and while you can't see the MK from there you have a great view of the fireworks!!

    I would guess that the Poly beach, Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge (beach too) Fort Wilderness... all offer a pretty good view.

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    Remember that you don`t have to be staying at any resort in order to watch the fireworks.
    You get a great view from the GF as you say. Our preferred spot is on the boat deck adjacent to Narcoosee`s.

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    I LoVe Narcosse's and I agree with Slowhand . Terry, stop it , I'm not at Narcosse's either . Thats two we have to hit . LOL

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    The poly has great views from the beach, and you don't have to stay there to go down and watch them!
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