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    I am not much for breakfasts at home but on holiday i do love my breakfasts.what do you do on holiday?

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    I try hard not to eat too much at breakfast when on holiday. It is usually just a toasted muffin or banana when we are at our first hotel. At RPR it is always one of their delicious breakfast muffins and then when at Disney on the DDP we share one breakfast platter between three of us. This year though, we are in OKW so we will just have something in the room before leaving for the parks.


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    We tend to take cereal and buy milk. This year at WDW we also bought bread and used the toaster in the food court to make toast. We had a few spare counter service left towards the end of the trip so used them for the 'build your own yoghurt' which was lovely.

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    When we are staying at our villa I tend to get by with just toast and coffee, or if I am feeling peckish I`ll either have cheese on toast or I`ll fire up the bbq for a bacon sandwich.
    If we are on a cruise or staying at a resort however, it`s a big fry up with everything on offer.

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    We eat breakfast every day when we're home/work. Mine is normally either cereal or some sort of eggs. Donna may be quite happy with just a sweet, or even radish and cheese. On vacation, at WDW, we like to try some of the different restaurants. We've done all the character ones at one time or another but it has become a tradition, of late to eat one day at Olivia's at OKW and our final day at Grand Floridian Cafe, where I get the lobster Benedict.

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    Our last breakfast is always at 1900 PF too John. We love the food there.


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    As DVC members we usually eat at the villa. However, for a recent family gathering we had a wonderful breakfast at Cape May!

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    When on holiday we have cereal and toast sitting by the pool

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    When In Orlando we have a full breakfast nearly every day! We just love the American breakfasts and they really set us up for the day

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    We don't typically have breakfast on vacation. It just seems to be too much heavy food in the am.

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