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Thread: Chillis restaurants?

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    I always see signs for chillis and the car parks look busy but I've never stopped at one

    Are they a cheap style diner place or quite good?

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    They are a fairly inexpensive full service restaurant that serves a mild version of Tex-Mex food. They are ok, with some being not so ok. Cleanliness and service can be a challenge for some of them.

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    We tried the one in Davenport for the first time last trip and it was... interesting.

    Comes across as low cost, big portions, plenty of choice. Not the cleanest but not so bad it worried me, just tables not spotless etc.

    The staff were nice and what I enjoyed more than the food was that locals seemed to stop there after work. So I heard a lot of banter about the local sports and so on.

    Plenty of two for one "happy hour" offers and so on

    I wouldn't go expecting much but for a snack it's fine
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    We like Chilles and eat there every trip. They do two meals for $20 (share a starter and a main each)....we share a starter of natchos and then we both usually go for the fajitas as a main.
    Staff are always friendly.

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    Share food and get the molten lava cake or "crack cake" as I call it. You're welcome.

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