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Thread: Credit card cloning

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    well the company Jon bought the car parts from are giving him the run around and haven't refunded the 540 they owe us. It was 5 weeks ago they took the wrong amount so we have handed it over to the fraud department of the credit card. That can take 4-6 weeks though. So fed up with it all. I looked up the company on the internet and i think they may have cash flow problems!!! arrrggghhh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn, post: 319427, member: 32
    Anyone have this happen to them. My mum took 2 credit cards with her and both of them were cloned. She only used each card once so we know exactly where it happened.

    Longhorn Steakhouse on 192 and the airside Starbucks for gates 70 and up at MCO. Longhorn are investigating, we haven't contacted Starbucks yet.
    Just to revisit this, this is going round all the computer/IT nerd forums at the moment showing how easy it is for a completely normal (looking) restaurant terminal to store cards/pins and let them be downloaded later sigh.... have a look at this (seems cash may really be the only way to go)

    In a video demonstrating a tampered sales terminal, a card is swiped through the handheld device and a PIN entered - just as any customer would in a restaurant or shop. Later, after a series of key-presses, the data is transferred to a laptop via a serial cable.

    Account numbers and other sensitive information appear on the computer screen, ready to be exploited. And the data can be texted to a phone, if a SIM card is fitted to the handheld.

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