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Thread: satnav for disney in Orlando?

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    Helppppp please, do we really need a satnav system for driving over there?

    Some people say yes others say its really easy but our system doesn't have us maps so we would have to hire one and its quite expensive

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    My DW and I have been to Orlando oodles of times since the early 80`s and yet we only took our satnav with us on our last trip earlier this year. [Mainly to test it out over there!]
    We have never got lost on previous visits even though we have done a fair amout of touring over the years, visiting the Keys, the Naples area, Fort Lauderdale. Tampa etc.etc.
    Maybe if you intended to visit places off the "beaten track", then it would be essential, however armed with a good road map of the area you should be fine.
    Certainly you wouldn`t need it in the WDW area as everything is so well signposted

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    Never used one. There are signs every 6 feet in the tourist areas. Even going out to Kennedy Space Center and down to Busch Gardens is so well sign posted you'd have to be some sort of genius to get lost.

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    We have one but then we tend to travel around a bit more and go out of the tourist area. We have been going for ages and don't need it for anything local. It is a nice comfort though, if there is a jam on the I4 then the sat nave helps us get off and take the back roads.

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    We paid to add the maps to my UK tomtom on our last trip because we had lots of driving round to do to arrange things for the wedding. I have just updated it ready for this time :0)

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    Heck, I use one and I live here! Most often it's for exactly what Wendy describes, those horrid traffic jams (and not only on I4). Also, with all the new roads and developments going up, former roads are often rerouted, or cut in half with a former through road becoming a dead end.

    If you intend to travel anywhere but the beaten path, consider one, or a good set of paper maps.

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    I almost always have my Magellan with me when I am in FL, but never use it on Disney Property because I know where I'm going.

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    we used a free one on the iphone last time we went and it worked well, i'm waiting for my 8 year old tom tom to die then i will buy one and add US maps to it.

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    We paid for the maps for our Garmin. Are you going to be venturing out of WDW much? If you're just staying in WDW you won't need one

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