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Thread: Where to watch illuminations?

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    I know this gets asked a lot but we really want to have a nice EPCOT meal and then watch the illuminations, the last time we tried this we got trees in the way and wind blew the smoke so we couldn't see anything!

    So wheres the best place to eat and then watch

    fank ooo

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    My DW and I enjoy having dinner at the upstairs restaurant in France...I can never remember its name after the recent refurb.
    If you get a window seat you get a reasonable view of Illuminations, however when we were last there, they let you out to watch the show and then return in order to finish your meal.
    Yep, the smoke issue is sometimes a problem unless you are upwind of the display.

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    The new restaurant is Monsieur Paul. I don't know whether they will still suspend your meal to watch Illuminations or not. Lots of folks like to try and get a lakeside view at either Rose & Crown or the new outdoor restaurant in Mexico.

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    We like the bit by Italy which always gives us a good view

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    The best place to watch Illuminations is upwind. Therefore, it changes with the wind. Mexico, France, UK, and sometimes (in certain areas) Japan have dining ares that if you are seated in the correct area, you will be able to see the show.

    Otherwise, have your dinner and then find a good place upwind from the show and enjoy!

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