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Thread: What phone do you have?

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    Mines up for renewal so I have to choose a new one, so far I've had iphones but I don't know whether to change to something new like a Samsung s4

    What phone do you have and do you love it?

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    Both Donna and I currently have Motorola Razr's. Our contract is up soon and I am seriously looking at the Galaxy S4. Our granddaughter got one just after she graduated. It is a bit large, but looks like it works very well.

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    I have an iPhone 4S. I like it a lot. The only issue I have with the phone is battery life. But since I got a replacement phone, my battery is lasting much longer.

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    i have an iphone 5, it's ok, battery life is absolute rubbish

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    I have iPhone 4S and as everyone said battery is not great but despite that I would not consider getting anything other than an iPhone because they are perfect for me and what I need it for

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    I've a Samsung galaxy s3. Have had it since it wasa brad new phone for Samsung 2 years ago. I love it

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    iPhone 4 here. Which you can have when you pry my cold, dead fingers off it.

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    I've tried them all to be fair, we have to support them all at work so I get to try them all out. Although I have the odd brief heated affair with hot new models like the S3/S4 I end up missing the good old, but a little familiarly boring, iphone 5 ;-)

    As everyone has said, the battery live is rubbish though it does make it through the day easily

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    I have an LG the size of a small TV. LOL. I had the Samsung, but hated it and gave it to the boy's Da. Herself has the same phone and the thing is a miserable wretch. She had to buy extra batteries and a battery charger to keep the phone charged. I had the very first Iphone and disliked it so much I sent it back and got the early Motorola Droid. That is still my favorite phone although long time gone now.

    I prefer a true keyboard (my hands are large) as the touch screens are exercises in frustration for me. The LG has a touch screen. Keyboards like the one on the Motorola Droid are hard to come by.

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    Iphone 5. It tried to commit suicide by jumping from the monoriel. The screen broke so had to change it.

    Ive heard a lot about the Samsung ones, but to be honest I cant be bothered! The learning cueve seems like too much to handle

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