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Thread: Reservation on Christmas party night but no ticket?

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    Question for you all

    I have a rare booking at Be our guest at 7:30pm but its a party night. We're doing the party another night so don't really want to change it but we cant change be our guest either.

    I know we could have trouble getting in after 7 but if we get into the park about 6pm will we be able to go to our reservation or will they throw us out ?

    also what happens after the meal? will we be escorted out or free to wander to the exit ?

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    6pm they may very well be checking to see if you have a MVMCP ticket. If not, you could be turned away.

    Technically you are not supposed to be in the park after 7pm without a MVMCP ticket. I doubt they will let you in without the wristband.

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    I would call dining and ask them their advise

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    i'm pretty sure you are not allowed, best bet- try to change party night or keep trying for a new reservation at BOG. Did they not tell you this when reserving the restaurant though? i'm sure quite a few people would be caught out

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    I would definitely give Disney a call to sort this out. Technically, if you are in the park after 7PM you are not given access to even the st0res without a wristband.

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    yeah it's a very weird one this. If you try and book online you'll get a "extra hard ticket needed for this reservation" meaning you have to buy a party ticket.

    I HAVE heard of people being escorted to (and from) the restaurant *IF* the reservation is within 30 mins of the party starting OR being let into the park at say 6pm and allowed to queue at the restaurant but mmmmmm
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    This happened to Robert I think and he was contacted and told that he reservation would be cancelled. I think they have him a lunch reservation instead.

    I'm sure he will be able to clarify this for you.

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    Sticky wicket that one, I'll be anxious to hear how it turns out for you.

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