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Thread: Day 2 - Ohana and Magic Kingdom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Watchinherskip, post: 319814, member: 301
    What was lacking?? Oh I mention of a certain Dole product that will go un named!
    Be patient sir, we will get there.

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    Does it look like this guy can be patient with that????[ATTACH=full]15977[/ATTACH]
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    Brilliant report yet again! I could almost feel that first journey to the Magic Kingdom, when we mad Brits are so mixed up with time....sigh...

    When we went to Ohana's for breakfast for the first time it was because we were on the Premium DDP, and we were trying everywhere just for the heck of it. We weren't really expecting to like it, but we really loved it and would go every time now!

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    I know what Grandma means... I hate getting into a wet swimsuit, wouldn't stop me though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn
    Straight in the pool for everyone except Grandma who apparently couldn't go swimming because her swimming costume was wet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn
    introduced Nanny Lesley to the Big Bang Theory. She liked it.

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