Still on UK time I'm up at 4.45am. Everyone else is up by 6am. The plan is to leave by 7am for our ADR at 7.35am. Steven announced that there was no time for a number 2 then. Apparently he was referring to the numbered bags in his new Lego set and he only had time to complete bag number one.

So at 7am we're all sat by the front door. Adrian has vanished. Eventually he turns up and we in the car and off. It's a quick drive to the Magic Kingdom parking lot and we are parked in Aladdin row 36 which for the uniniated is right at the front! Well give or take a couple of rows. So close we walk through the underpass to the TTC. And what's happened to the parking lot? When did it become Heroes and Villains? Took away my morning rush to get parked in Chip and Dale. Bit undecided on whether I like this or not.

Anyway we are up the monorail ramp and straight on board for the short journey to the Polynesian. There's that familiar smell of the inside of a monorail car. Never been in the Polynesian before. It's a bit big. When you get out the monorail you enter the building and Ohana's is just over there. We checked in bang on time and were given our flashy beeping thing and instructed to line up for the plastic flowery things and to have our photo taken. Then we were seating immediately in a restaurant that was about a quarter full at 7.45am.

Drinks came quickly: coffee and that lovely juice that we all drank gallons of. The food was pretty good too: bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits, breakfast potatoes and Mickey waffles all served family style. Oh and little platters of fresh fruit with dipping yoghurt: that was lovely and refreshing. Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto all came to visit and signed Steven's book and posed with him for photos. About 9000 calories later we heaved ourselves out of there. It was just before 9am and the place was now packed. Then we had to all stand and wait while Adrian had a prolonged visit to the restroom. He came out and announced that while he was in there he had been Facebooking - and there's our new euphemism for restroom breaks!

A bit more smelly monorail and we're at the Magic Kingdom. It was the Iron Man monorail, now called the Manarail.