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Thread: What are you favourite rides in Magic Kingdom?

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    Hi I thought I'd start a thread to get us talking about our faves in each park starting with the magic kingdom

    I love the steam train and could go round all day and then the tomorrow land transportation

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    The train, of course. TTA, Haunted Mansion, BTMR, Splash Mountain, POC

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    Carousel of Progress
    Splash Mountain
    Haunted Mansion
    Monsters, Inc, Laugh Floor

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    Well, Splash Mountain comes to mind first.
    We like the Steam Train and the People Mover too.
    Oh, and Big Thunder Mountain and It's a Small World.
    Love Pirates!
    Carousel of Progress and Haunted Mansion are fun too.

    The little guy likes the race cars but mostly when Uncle Chris is with him. He LOVES the cars then! (Poor Chris's back)!

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    I would consider them to be the "must do's". In no particular order: Buzz Lightyear, POTC, Splash Mountain, TTA, Laugh Floor. (how can we not include Space Mountain, BTMR, Peter Pan and IASW? Well we had to limit our choices, but they are must do's as well.)

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    I have to ride Space Mountain on every trip [my DW waits for me outside. ]
    The People Mover is also on the list in order for us to take a breather and do some people watching.
    The others that we always do are POTC, HM, IASW [just to be reminded of the tune which stays in our heads for hours!], Mickey`s Philarmagic....and any others with a wait time of less than 20 mintues....our set limit for standing in line !

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    Oh geez...MK is my favorite park. I'd say my top 4 are Haunted Mansion, PotC, Peter Pan's Flight, and PhilharMagic. But I'm 100% positive that the Little Mermaid ride will soon be a favorite after I've ridden it later this month. And I might decide I really like Splash Mountain too, since this will be the first time I've not been too chicken to ride it.

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    my MUST DO list...usually in the order i go to...on first pass thru the park... POTC, JUNGLE CRUISE, SPLASH MTN, HAUNTED MANSION, COP.

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    Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion, oh dear I could go on and on. I absolutely love MK

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