...for anyone from the UK buying a camera from the US!
Last year when we were in New York with some friends from LA I bought a Canon camera from Best Buy which came with a 2 year warranty.
I have been very pleased with it but it recently developed a fault...the lens would not retract and it was making a "clicking" noise as though some gears were not in mesh.
I then took it to a local Canon repair shop for an estimate so that I could get the work done under warranty.
I called the 1-800 number stated on the guarantee paperwork that was given to me by Best Buy and I was then connected to an adult chat line !!!! Assuming that I had mis-dialled the number I tried again, only to get through to the same recipient !!!

A call direct to Best Buy [via another 800 number on the paperwork] put me through to a young lady who sounded like a few tiles short of a complete roof.
I was kept on hold for several minutes [and I don`t know if the call was free or not ] only for her to tell me to call the number that I had rang earlier. :wall1:

I then hang up and contacted Best Buy in the UK who told me to get the repair done and to send the paperwork via email to them for reimbursement.
To put things in context, the camera cost 156, and the repair will cost 96 !!!!

I have no option but to get it sorted and hope that things go according to plan.

[I knew that I should have stuck with Nikon Keith. ]