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Thread: Live trippie our journey

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    Lucky you, glad you will get to make use of the bands

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    Looks like lots of leg room on the Dreamliner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Britchick, post: 320119, member: 39
    Looks like lots of leg room on the Dreamliner
    There really is. I must say I was very impressed with it

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    Been for a swim in the little mermaid room now trying to decide where to go for dinner

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    ok ok my laptop now
    above is the video of my girlies at the airport for anyone who hasn't seen it.

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    Well.....we landed into sanford about 40 mins late due to delay at Manchester but as it turns out that was actually a really good thing. We were the first flight to land in Sanford for over 2 hours due to a major storm they were having everyone had to be diverted somewhere else.We got through security with no problems. We went round to Alamo to pick up the car, usual selling techniques to try and get me to upgrade and I told them it was fine a full size is plenty big enough for what we needed. Got outside where anthony was waiting with the girls, the lovely man at the pick up point saw the crutches and we think he thought he thought they were Gabriella's (we had them at the shortest point and she was pretending to use it while helping anthony by carrying them) he said oh everyone else can wait here your little girl doesn't need to walk over (I didn't realise what he was thinking until Anthony mentioned it after we had driven away) He said lets treat you guys to a little bit of luxery and he upgraded us to an SUV it is beautiful with an inbuilt DVD player and reverse camera (which is good because it is HUGE lol)Drive to the hotel was definetly...eventful. We decided because we had no change and it would be a pain to go buy something just to get some (at the time this seemed to make sence) that we would just take the non toll route. Well we took a wrong turning and ended up going down a toll road by accident, unmanned and purse was in the boot so I am now waiting to see what kind of fine is going to be charged to my credit card. I have seen things ranging from $20 to $175 online

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    We eventually made it to AoA drove through with no 'welcome home' greeting
    All checked in and got told that AoA have entered the trial and as of Tuesday all of their guests are now being issued them they went through everything we had to do with my disney experience app but I was already pretty familiar with it anyway. We were in an upper room but moved us with no problem to a ground floor next to the carpark when I explained about Anthony, they couldn't link our tickets at check in but said the Concierge team would be able to. We really wanted to get the bags in so we could go get dinner so I decided to come back and sort that out later.
    We drove round put down our bags and headed straight out to have a walk through the resort and get dinner from the resort CS restaurant. Anthony got chicken burger (which he is stil talking about now because he said it was amazing) and me and the girls just got pizza (I think we were all just too tired to actually think about anything else) we got our refillable mugs (you are going to hear me complain a lot about these....sorry) and ate dinner there.
    We were planning to do rope drop at MK so I wanted to get the tickets linked to the bands so Ant took the girls back to the room while I sorted it all out.....50 minutes later after numerous calls to another team they were all linked, we now have magic bands, back up room key (just incase) and back up park tickets (just in case)
    He set me up some fast passes for Pirates, Peter pan, splash mountain and big thunder mountain. He also printed our tickets for MNSSHP and most importantly I got the invite for BOG lunch FP
    I got back to the room at around 2:30 UK time and at this point I passed out

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    Most of the rental car companies will bill you for the tolls plus a usage of the Sunpass feature.

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    I'm interested to hear about the mud problem. We had rapid fill ones and had no issues at all

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    Re the tolls, I believe you will be charged the tolls plus a $25 fee, or there abouts. It should be in your contract. They probably won't have the details before you leave so you'll be charged when they do.

    Love the reveal video, how did you get them to the airport?

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