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Thread: Live trippie our journey

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    Well we are currently boarded on the beautiful Dreamliner at Manchester airport and unfortunately there is a problem with the door so I thought while the engineers are looking at it I would start my live trippie.
    Day started perfectly. The reveal to the kids went without a hitch and we got through security smoothly. Lots of comments from everyone about the Minnie ears the kids are wearing which was lovely.
    I have got a video which is on my Facebook, I will post it on here when I have my laptop.
    I will send another update when we land (which will obviously follow us taking off which I hope any going to take too much longer)

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    Hope you're not delayed for long.

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    Hope the delays not long.. LOVE live trippies
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    Have you left yet? Have a great flight.

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    Amazing video!

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    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Have just watched the video on FB and am now all leaky-eyed! Beautiful girls!

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    Hope to see that video...stunning move TP...that is a dream scenario...come on kids we have a surprise for you. I think if my parents ever did that for me I would have gone totally mental!

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    We are here. Lots to tell but first of all look what we got!!!

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