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Thread: How long does it take for wdw magic bands to be delivered?

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    Sorry, if this has been asked and answered a zillion times already, but how long should it take for our Magic Bands to arrive?
    Are they shipped via mail, Fed Ex, UPS?
    Also, how much longer to be delivered to UK?
    Or, have I totally misunderstood everything and they are picked up at hotel check-in?
    If they are, in fact, shipped to my house, are they active? i.e. - Can we head straight to the parks (we have a rental car) or do we still need to check in at POP? And yes, I have already done online check-in a couple of weeks ago, the same time I ordered the bands.

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    I can only answer part of this the bands aren't shipped to the UK they seem to be available at checkin. If you are in the US the chances are you will be able to preorder and get them sent to you.

    I can't help on when they become active, I would guess it would be when you check in.

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