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Thread: bugs at Disneyworld

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    after planning everything down to the minute Im now getting freaked by mention of bugs and snakes at Disney on various websites

    apparently its been really wet this summer and there are a lot more bugs out than normal, does anyone know if that's true?????

    hate bugs

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    I haven't seen that many more than usual although there does seem to be more mossies around this year. It could be just because we have come earlier that normal.

    I have seen a few love bugs in the last few days I hate them even though they can't hurt you I expect there will be loads of them soon.

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    With heavy rain which tops off lakes, rivers, and retention ponds and soaks lower lying swamp areas, wildlife does tend to seek higher ground. Not intending to add to your fears (no one on earth can outdo me when it comes to fear of snakes) but that is the norm in Florida. With many consecutive days of heavy rains, everyone starts to keep a bit of a lookout for "visitors" from the swamps and other low lying areas.

    Bugs? Not so much. Love bug season is nearly on us but they are nothing other than a stupid nuisance. They don't bite, or sting, just fly slowly and annoy you (and make a mess out of your car).

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    Just be thankful you weren't there this past May with all infestation of flies. I've never seen it like that.

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