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Thread: Best place to buy discount designer stuff in Orlando

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    we were told last time to try the premium outlet mall which was very close but rubbish really. Are there any better places to buy clothes and trainers?

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    There is the Lake Buena Vista outlets and also Premium at International Drive. This is probably the largest Outlet.

    We have always found that you can get some good prices at the Malls as well, especially the Florida mall.

    I think people head to the outlets thinking its cheap but sometimes they aren't.

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    Yep. The outlets (with the exception of the Disney themed stores) are truly not bargains. Often their prices are higher than the shops in the malls, and the merchandise is either seconds or one offs.

    Knowing the sales of the week is the best way to get a bargain.

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    Premium Outlets is rubbish. Nuff said. But they do have a Disney outlet shop there which I've picked up good stuff for at bargain prices.

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