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Thread: Never Again disney/orlando restaurants...

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    What restaurants in Disney or Orlando generally would you NEVER go back to?

    Ours would be mama Melrose - rude rude rude
    ponderosa - dirty and horrible

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    Rainforest Café at Animal Kingdom-awful service and mediocre food

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    Hmmmm, well we like to dine out, so this list could be rather lengthy but to be honest if we have guests and they want to dine in a particular place, we do.

    I know the first one that came to mind was Giordano's on west 192. They were terrible there and we ended up not even having our food. They kept us waiting for over one hour before even coming to the table (yes, we went to a "host" and asked about it more than once) and then finally a manager type came over and said that they didn't serve at the table we were seated! NOPE. Won't be going there again.

    Not a fan of the non-Disney buffets, especially Ponderosa, Sizzler and the like. Not a fan at all of the "all you can eat lobster" buffets either. Those were so awful we'd talk guests out of going there.

    As for Disney? Same as before, if a guest of ours wanted to dine we'd do so. We don't often dine on property any more though because of the ridiculous prices and loss of quality in the food. We've been around too long, I guess.

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    Turf Club at Saratoga Springs. So so food and perhaps the worst service we have ever experienced.

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    Rainforest cafe because if the extra guest at our table and California Grill, haven't forgiven the servers for being so uncaring and that was 10 years ago!

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    California Grill for me too, the rudest most horrible server I have ever encountered at Disney or probably anywhere for that matter!


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    Boma for dinner. Everyone raves about it but we thought it was awful. It wasn't just the food but the service and the noise. Giving it a second chance was a big mistake as the food was worse and the service non existent. Never ever will I go back.


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    Hmmm not many I would say never to due to service issues. I don't tolerate rudeness and would have put an end to that at the particular dining experience in question.

    Food wise? Coral Reef. Planet Hollywood. Hollywood and Vine. Given them all several chances and meh

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    Yep, have to agree with California Grill. We had a terrible meal there with pretty poor service. Can't really see what all the fuss is about. I know loads of people like it there, though. We'll give our space to them.

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    Oh dear we've had nothing but fantastic meals and service (thanks Ricardo) at both Yachtsman and California Grill so they are both on our 'must do's'. One that I would never, never, never go back to would be T Rex. Awful food, dreadful atmosphere, couldn't even talk to each other it was so noisy. Also wouldn't bother with Tony's in Town Square, again food wasn't that great

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